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About Us

About Us

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To ignite and inspire a community through collaboration, persistence and perseverance to mold the next generation of STEM thinkers and leaders.

  1. Be FIRST

  2. Educate all students through hands-on learning

  3. Positively impact our community by inspiring interest in science, technology, and business

  4. Have fun

Values: F.O.R.C.E.








In the fall of 2012, Owatonna High School senior Jarrod Neuharth, along with a group of friends, formed a robotics team as an outlet for their passion for S.T.E.M. After some recruitment, the team grew to 33 members, 7 mentors, and 2 advisors, and they decided to call themselves the Rebel Alliance. Working closely with teams 2530, Inconceivable, and 2220, Blue Twilight, the team received a lot of advice on how to approach the 2013 robotics season. Finally, the season began with a kickoff in Rochester that announced the game “Ultimate Ascent.”


After six weeks of intense designing, building, and programming, the team had created a robot that could shoot Frisbees® into a slot from 10-50 feet away and climb the lower rung of a pyramid that was 30 inches above the ground. The team partnered closely with PALS Machining for a testing facility and MRG Tool and Die for the design and construction of the robot’s Frisbee®-throwing wheel. The robot, named The Millennium Falcon was then shipped off to Duluth for the Northern Lights Regional Competition in March.


At the competition, Rebel Alliance ranked 9th out of 47 teams after the qualification matches concluded, and ranked as high as 3rd throughout. The team won the Highest Rookie Seed Award as a result. After forming an alliance with teams 2502, Talon Robotics, and 4656, Rock Solid Robotics in the elimination rounds, the team won their quarterfinal matches and then lost to the eventual winners in the semifinals. Despite the loss, the team finished its first competition by winning the Rookie Inspiration Award. In addition, the team qualified for the State Robotics Tournament where they later placed 23rd….a successful rookie year!


This year, Team 4624 is back with  30 members and is ready to take on the 2020 FIRST Robotics Competition, FIRST Infinite Recharge!



Rebel Alliance Anti-Vaping Video



The Rebel Alliance strives to develop a sustainable sense of community while molding the next generation of STEM thinkers and leaders.



FIRST kids are significantly more likely to attend college, major in science or engineering, and be outstanding future employees and citizens. FIRST is about changing our culture… for the better.

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About First
Community Service

Community Service

The Owatonna Robotics Team has done many things to reach out and help the Owatonna community. We donated gently used clothes and shoes to the local Clothes Line and also to the Lily Sparrow House. Additionally, our robotics team gathered canned food and brought it to the local food shelf. We have had many team members volunteer their time at the Salvation Army on a weekly basis. Finally, we lit luminaries in the Village of Yesteryear in preparation for the holidays. We are very grateful for our community’s support and we are glad that we can give back to them as well.

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